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Private Domain Registration

Did you know that when you register a domain, your name, address, e-mail address and phone number are made available to anyone who wants to see them? That's right. Your personal information (name, address, e-mail address, phone number) is exposed 24-hours a day, everyday, to anyone, anywhere on the most public directory on the Internet.

You now have the option to change that.

Private Domain Registration is now available to those who want to remain anonymous when registering new domains or for any domain currently owned. Effective immediately, you can protect your identity for a flat fee of $14.95 per domain (per year).

Private Domain Registration is designed to help protect you against:


Unsolicited commercial postal mail

Unsolicited telephone calls

Malicious activities from hijackers, spammers, stalkers, and those trafficking in identity theft

Additional Pricing

2 year registration $29.90 + $29.90 = $59.80

5 year registration $74.75 + $74.75 = $149.50

10 year registration $149.50 + $149.50 = $299

Your Cost: Just $14.95 Per Year!

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