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30 Easy steps to uploading a Word Document to your website

You made a webpage using Microsoft Word and now it does not work when you upload it. Follow these steps and your new page will be working in no time!

Here are directions for loading documents onto your website utilizing Microsoft Word. These directions involve documents with pictures and/or graphics. If your document is text only then skip steps 6,11-20.

1 Start with a blank sheet in word and Save it (File/ Save As) as an HTML document. (This will automatically format the page for the Internet.) I suggest strongly that you save each document into it's own folder! There is an icon on the save pop up window that will allow you to create a new folder with the doc name. Once you make the new folder then open the folder and save the doc into that folder.

Three things to remember that will save you headaches in this process:

  1. No spaces can be used in the name of the document.
  2. Save the document as HTML or web page.
  3. Save the document into it's own folder!!!

Continuing on.....

2. Now create the content of your document and just click the save icon to save these changes.

3. Close word.

4. Open Website and go to Admin page/ FTP tool.

5. go to browse button and click - find folder that you created for your document. Open it.

6. Folder should have one icon that looks like a white page with a blue E on it. Then there should be another folder next to it that is the name of YourDocumentWith _files right after the name.

7. If this is your set up then click on the main document icon ( page with the blue e) and open it.

8. If you have done this correctly the pop up window will close and there will be a file path to the left of the browse button on your FTP tool page. (no need to choose the file destination at the right of the browse button at this point)

9. click on upload button.

10. This will put the document in a folder that is called Root Directory (WEB)

11. Now we need to go back and load all the support pieces that are in the subfolder that is named yourdocname_files. BUT..

12. First though - create folder on FTP tool (see create button? put name of folder in there and hit create). The name of that folder should be the name of the folder that is yourdocname_files.

13. Once the folder is created in your FTP tool you need to go back to your document folder on your hard drive by utilizing the browse button.

14. Click on Browse. Once the pop up opens then open the folder that has the _files in the name.

15. There should be several icons in there. We must load these icons to the new folder you just created on the FTP tool.

16. Click on the first one and open (remember this will close the pop up window and put the file path in the space next to the browse button)

17. Next choose the folder name (to the right of the browser). You will see your new folder name in the list.

18. Once the folder is chosen then upload the doc by clicking the UPLOAD FILE/IPIX button.

19. If you have succeeded you will have a doc in the new folder in the area just above the browse button!

20. Repeat steps 13-18 for each of the remaining icons on your hard drive in the folder that has _files in the name.

21. Once you have all the parts of the document showing in the FTP tool page then go to the bottom of the page and look for the words FILE PATH. (bright blue)

22. Copy the address and notice that filename.htm is in italics. You will eventually be taking that portion of the URL out and replacing it with the name of your document.

23.Once the address is copied you may want to scroll back up and write down the EXACT name of your primary document that is in the Root Directory Web file. Then return to your admin page (see link on the bottom left of FTP tool)

24. Go to area where you want to place the link for the document (Navigation Links, Float Section or My Links)

25. Name the button the way you want it to read on the front of the site. Spaces are ok here.

26. Paste the address that you copied into the field right across from the name.

27. Replace the filename.htm with your document name. Don't forget the suffix.(htm etc)

28. The URL should read: http://YourDomainName.ComOr.NetOr.ORG/Web/DocumentName.suffix(htmORhtml)

29. Click on submit button to make it stick.

30.Once back at admin check preview site and see if link works.


  1. Check URL in link space. Is it complete?
  2. Make sure that you spelled the doc name correctly from the FTP tool
  3. Are there spaces in the name of the doc in the FTP tool? (will not work with spaces).
  4. If all else fails call us here at Internet Crusade! 619-283-7302 Ext 203 - for customers or Ext 604 - for associations
Your feedback on these directions is appreciated.

2016 InternetCrusade - all rights reserved


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