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Getting Started with FrontPage

The following instructions describe one method of publishing your Website files using the FrontPage "Publish" feature. Note that this tutorial is generated by InternetCrusade and is designed to help guide you through the publishing process. For further help with FrontPage please consult the help index within the software, Microsoft's online manual, or their extensive knowledge base at

Make sure you are connected to the Internet and then open FrontPage to generate the following screen:


Click on "File" and then "Open Web" to open the web you have created on your desktop. The "Look in" field will then prompt you to browse to the web folder you have created on your computer. Select the web that you would like to publish and click on "Open" in the lower right hand corner of the screen. In our example below, the web is called "test_websites"


Once you click on "Open", your Website and all files and folders contained therein should appear in the format below. You will see that we have an index.htm homepage along with some gif picture files and other test pages. These are the files that comprise our example Website and when we publish the web, all the files and folders will be sent to the NetHere web server where your remote Website account is located. (Note, you may exclude some files from the publish feature if you wish. Please see the online FrontPage help section and click on "Microsoft FrontPage help". In the answer wizard area, type in "Publish web using HTTP" and this will provide you with the proper instructions on excluding files from the publish.) When you are ready to publish your web, simply click on "File" and "Publish Web".


Once you click on "Publish Web" the following screen will be generated. Enter in the full URL of your website:

as FrontPage will find your remote Website account on InternetCrusade's web server using your domain name. Please make sure that your domain is either registered with or transferred to InternetCrusades's DNS records. ( and ) Otherwise FrontPage will not be able to find your InternetCrusade account. You may check to see if your domain has InternetCrusade's DNS records registered by searching the following database for your domain name:

Once you have entered your domain name in the field, all you need to do is click on "Publish".


Once you click on "Publish", you should be prompted for your FrontPage username and password. You will find these on your Welcome To! message. Type in your username and password and click "OK" and FrontPage will begin publishing your Website.


Depending on the size of your Website and the rate of your Internet connection, this process may take a while. Once the site is successfully published, you should receive the following message:


You may click on the link highlighted in blue to view your newly published site on the Web. We hope this helps!

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