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The Crusaders... John Reilly, Saul Klein, Mike Barnett
Best of RealTalk #1 Marketing the Next Generation of Home Buyers

Welcome to the “Best of RealTalk”

RealTalk is the premier national online discussion forum (List Serv) for real estate professionals.  The Best of RealTalk is a hand-picked selection of practical tips and commentary from our subscribers who are willing and excited about sharing with other real estate professionals around the world. Over 3000 real estate practitioners subscribe to Realtalk.  For your FREE subscription, send a subscribe message to The topic this month is marketing.

In this issue of “Best of RealTalk":

  1. Marketing to the “Next Generation” of home buyers
  2. Use of the Automated Signature feature in your eMail Software
  3. Sign Riders and the Internet
  4. Working with Buyers from the Internet
  5. Running Ads to market your web site
  6. Running Ads to market your web site…Follow-up

Marketing to the “Next Generation” of home buyers           Top

In addition to being a licensed real estate broker, I am also a licensed securities principal. On Thursday I attended an NASD (National Association of Securities Dealers) required all day program and brought away several interesting ideas. One of the marketing thoughts presented was "market to your current client's heirs." Now, there is obvious applicability in the financial planning business for those financial planners with World War II era clients because in the next decade, 8 trillion dollars will pass from the WWII Generation to the Baby Boomer Generation –and, just because the parents are your clients, doesn't mean the kids will be.

So I thought about the real estate industry application of this thought. Here is what I came up with:

First, I divided marketing into two classifications -- Strategic and Tactical.

Strategic is the long term, big picture (the “I plan to be in the business at least ten years” frame of mind). Tactical is the present (current battle field if you will)..."what do I do to sell my current inventory or generate buyers ?”

So, developing your current client's heirs (kids) into clients is obviously Strategic. Are any of you doing anything that could be considered "long term family marketing?" I have heard people say "I want to be your REALTOR for life"...but how about "I want to be your REALTOR for life and for the life of your children?" Do any of you do anything to win the favor of the 10 to 18 year old children of your clients -- with the idea that someday they will become clients?

Saul Klein GRI/CFP/JIM

Use of the Automated Signature feature in your eMail Software           Top

“This may seem very basic to many, but my contribution-quotient is way down lately, so hopefully someone will say "Wow, what a great idea!".

In most eMail programs, one can create multiple signatures. I've taken my signatures one step further, and have created about 25 different signatures, most of which are actually complete eMail messages that I send out on a regular basis.

For example, I have one 'signature' that is 3 pages in Word, and it is used for the first time I send someone listings via eMail. The signature tells them about HotSend, and how it works. It then goes on to do some agency disclosure, and gives links to the sites of our regulatory bodies. And finally, it goes into all my services and sites, etc.

I know that one can create text files, or word documents, to use as templates, but I find it much faster to just open a blank eMail and then choose which signature is more applicable to the situation. All that remains to be done is add the recipients name at the top of the 'signature'.”

Chris Newell,

Saul's Note:

This is a great time saver, Chris…using the signature feature as a "frequent response" feature. Any message you send out on a regular basis can be automated with this feature and make your eMail communication efforts much more efficient. Some of the subjects for this would be:

  1. Your resume or bio.
  2. A summary of your marketing program for prospective sellers, what makes you different, complete with hot links as Chris mentions.
  3. Why buyers should work with you...what you bring a buyer.
  4. Agency and what it means to buyers and sellers.

Sign Riders and the Internet           Top

I made a rider for my yard signs that says "Information and Photos:". I get a franchise shop called Signs Now to make these things out of Corex, very inexpensive.

Hits on the page describing the first property I put one of these signs on went up dramatically during the week. The culmination was a strong open house turnout over the weekend. About two-thirds of the attendees said they saw that page before deciding to come over.

I put lots of interior photos on each property page, the one mentioned above, for example: (you might have to cut and paste this URL). The prospects screen themselves, having seen this much before calling or coming to an open house.

The URL is always in the ads, too. Something like "See complete information and photos,, then call . . ." The front page of the site has new listings, so people can find the property in question off the front page.

Niel Thomas

Working with Buyers from the Internet           Top

It seems that most of my Internet client/customers take a little longer to mature into buyers: I maintain contact and even if they don't purchase now, I've had them stop by to chat after they rented and I'm convinced that when it's purchase time; they're mine.

Also have experienced the contact via the net, next weekend here and contract signed: Key again is rapid response to their inquires and follow-up.”

Robert Nuccitelli

Running Ads to market your web site           Top

I ran the same ad, changing only the name of the town(s) and ran them in the Sunday Hartford Courant in the real estate section under 'homes for sale' in each appropriate town. Just my web address (URL in bold type) no phone number or anything. It read as follows:

Homebuyers - Search for Newington homes online at plus town, school info and more! Compliments of Al Napier, RE/MAX Precision Realty.

That's it, nothing more, nothing less, nothing fancy. Ran one each for both Rocky Hill and Wethersfield too. Got 5 more eMail inquiries and 2 phone calls (they said they got my number from my site) from the ads today in addition to the ones I spoke of earlier. I also got a couple of clowns that requested information and gave bogus eMail addresses.

Al Napier

Running ads to market your web site…Follow-up          Top

Last week Al Napier submitted a marketing tip: running classified ads in local paper pointing only to his website.

I want to say a HUGE THANKS! I ran the exact same ad in my Sunday local paper - on Sunday I received 50 uniques (43 new visitors) and Monday I received 51 uniques (39 new visitors). YEE HAW! For comparison: The previous Sunday I received 23 uniques (16 new visitors) and the previous Monday I received 29 uniques (25 new visitors).

In addition, my form inquiries jumped up to 15 uniques on Sunday and 4 uniques on Monday (up from an every increasing average of 1-2 per day).

In addition, since I hired on an Internet Buyer's Agent, my retention rate has skyrocketed - and he's only been with me 14 days! He has maintained constant contact and has solidified 6 buyers coming into the area within the next 4 weeks. Something I did not have time for before! He is simply spending 3-4 hours per day responding to all website form requests (just the eMail portion of the request) - continuing contact with people who received items from us within the past 2-3 weeks, etc. He's also established personal webpages for each buyer, updating them on a daily basis (or as new properties become available for sale).

I've had many good sales directly related to my website, consistently now for about 24 months - but the numbers are increasing at a rate of 100% each month, since the beginning of January. I have always believed it works, but it still amazes me HOW MUCH IT WORKS!

And, I don't have 500 different websites, just one, and it caters to the relocating buyer.

Anyway, I'm done being excited! Hope this info helps someone else!

David Swarat

That’s it for this month. If you have a particular topic you would like discussed or question you would like to see answered, send an eMail to:

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