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New REALTOR® VIP Alliance Program - Internet Crusade


The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® is pleased to announce a new REALTOR® VIP Alliance Program offering through InternetCrusade®, recognized experts in the real estate industry on domain names. InternetCrusade® provides a suite of domain name services for REALTORS® and a fast and easy registration process. The services include domain registration, transfers, extensions, third level registrations and pointing services. This alliance results in easy access to new products and services allowing REALTORS® to market themselves more effectively on the Internet.

What: InternetCrusade has been at the forefront in training Realtors® on Internet marketing. They have added domain name registration services to their portfolio of offerings and provide guidance on how personalization of domain names can be effectively used by REALTORS® in their marketing efforts.

Features: Through InternetCrusade®, domain name registration, transfer, extension and pointing services will be provided to members at cost competitive rates. Recommendations on use of domain names for marketing purposes also will be provided by InternetCrusade®. There will be co-branded sites for NAR, local and state associations with InternetCrusade®. For example, local associations can serve as distribution arms for InternetCrusade®, include co-brands on their websites and derive revenue from the purchase of domains off of their websites. Contact Information:

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