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The Most Overlooked Aspect of Internet Marketing…Domain Hosting

What is Domain Hosting and why is it important to me?

To answer this question, we must first understand a little about DNS. DNS is the acronym for Domain Name System. It is also the acronym for Domain Name Servers, and it is also the acronym for Domain Name Space…so now that we have cleared up some of the confusion….

One of the most important aspects of the Internet, and the foundation on which it operates, is the Domain Name System… the system which allows one computer to find another computer on the Internet.

The foundation of the Domain Name System (DNS) are the "Root Servers."

There is one server that catalogs and stores the 'base' information for "all" Domains. This server is called Root Server A.

…Factually, there are several 'redundant' ROOT servers… all with the exact same information (mirrored) and strategically placed "around" the Internet.

When someone registers a Second Level Domain Name (, the approval is granted by the Registry for the Top Level Domains (TLD's) of the Second Level Domain you are requesting.

Note: There is One Registry for the Top Level Domains .com,.org,.net,.edu..

A "basic requirement" of the Registry for domain registration is that a Registrant (Owner of the Domain) provide "two" Domain Name Servers for each Domain Name registered.

InternetCrusade® has three Domain Name Servers... with the additional Domain Name Server acting as a 'slave' or 'fail-over' for the other two.

InternetCrusade Domain Name Servers DO NOT sit side by side on the same circuit breaker, nor on the same connection (same ISP) to the same Internet, nor within the same building, nor in the same City. They are located at different physical locations.

This is important because the Domain's Name Server is the "most important physical component" of the Domain Name System when people are using your domain to send you eMail or view your web site. This makes your Domain Host a "Key" player.

The Domain Host is the "411" (Information Central) for all Internet "Calls" (lookup of information) about the Domain's "Web Host(s)" (where your web site(s) are located) AND "eMail Host(s)" (where your eMail services are provided...)

...and if "Information Central" is not available for a query to lookup the information about your Domain, then no one will be able to see your web site(s) and/or send you eMail...

As mentioned, it is a requirement that a minimum of "two" Domain Name Servers be provided at the time of registration. These used to be called "Primary and "Secondary" Domain Name servers... Now they are just listed as Name Servers as both provide the exact same information.

To look for the Name Servers that are handling your Domain, you can go to any Whois... Try ours at and click on "Whois" in the Domain Area... and type in your Domain Name... The results will include the Domain Name Servers...

Providing two Domain Name Servers (DNS) is a basic requirement of the DNS (Domain Name Space or System). The reason this became a requirement is that the Internet Pioneers and designers wanted to make sure that routing of information on the Internet didn't get held-up (backed-up.. for reasons other than bandwidth)... ONLY because information about a Domain couldn't be located...

So basically.... the underlying premise was that if one Domain Name Server is not available, that another "Secondary" Domain Name Server would be available (hopefully ;-)... and Internet traffic would not be stopped... and build-up... causing unnecessary bottlenecks and delay of transfer of information (communication…the Internet was, after all, created for communication).

...AND YET... most DNS providers have their Domain Name Servers sitting "Side by Side"... and most Servers are sharing the same circuit breaker... and/or... most are using the same Internet Connection (ISP), or , or , or.. and if any of these aspects were to fail (as we see them do so often) NO ONE will be able to send you eMail or view your web sites.

...Microsoft learned this lesson, "the hard way" in February 2001, when certain mail stopped because their "other" DNS servers weren't "isolated" from one another.

…Domain Hosting is the "Most Overlooked Most Internet Basic"

So... How can you tell if you are vulnerable? If you have to ask... you probably are.

If you want reliable, state of the art Domain Hosting.... contact InternetCrusade, the Domain Alliance Partner of the National Association of REALTORS…

The Domain Host can do wonders with helping you to Brand your Domain.... with advanced techniques, as well basics...

Ever tried to go to a web site 'without' WWW in the URL and you get an error message...? Yet, you can see the site with the WWW? The primary responsibility of this lies with Domain Host.

Are you using Third Level Domains to brand yourself? or or you get the picture...

Easy to use, and provided by your Domain Host.

We see the need for this everyday... because there are many terrific web-marketing tools to help you 'differentiate' yourself from the rest of the competition. Newsletters, virtual tours and others... and most of these tools can be used with any web site... because they offer you a "Unique URL" (really should be titled "Ugly URL" ;-) because most URL's for web tools look like this...

In fact... that is one of our Community Boards....

BUT... because of "Third Level Domains" ... and "Masking"... you can type in

...and take the visitor to the same page... and have it indicate the proper "Branded Domain" in the Address indicator of the Browser.

If you want to discuss Domain Hosting with one of our trained Internet Advisors, please send an eMail to with your phone number and best time to call and you will hear from one of our top Internet Advisors.

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