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The Power of the AutoResponder

The InternetCrusade is a leader in developing effective Internet Marketing Strategies. We believe the AutoResponder is one of the most cost-effective, yet under-utilized, marketing tools available today. It will revolutionize the way we do business in the 21st Century.

What is an AutoResponder?

Think of it as the Internet’s answer to fax-on-demand. When someone sends an eMail to the special address we assign you, an automatic pre-written eMail reply message is sent to that person’s computer instantly. Unlike fax-on-demand, your AutoResponder can transmit a 75-page report in a few seconds and can respond to thousands of requests from anywhere in the world daily….you pay no long distance, printing nor postage charges. For a demonstration, send a blank message to or to and look for an immediate description of our Mail List and Web Marketing products in your return eMail.

What can an AutoResponder do for you?

…Anything served by fax-on-demand can be handled by eMail AutoResponders for online users – sales letters, property listings, brochures, catalogs, product price lists, and course outlines, once they are converted to text-based computer files.

…Acts as your full-time personal assistant working for you 24/7 -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -- never takes a break or calls in sick…always there to make sure your message is available to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world.

…Answers frequently asked questions (FAQs) -- a quick way to provide tech support on your products and services.

…Sends out confirmation letters when order forms are received.

What are some of the Benefits?

…Update your material instantly without having to engage your Web designer to change the html codes on your Web site. FTP usage is not required. There are no charges and no restrictions on the frequency of changes.

…Your AutoResponder message can be reached by anyone who has eMail access – recognize that many more people use eMail than use the World Wide Web.

…You point people to your special AutoResponder address by including it in your advertising, your eMail correspondence, and your electronic signature – use it to enhance your classified ads.

…Makes it easy for your target audience to respond. They do not have to insert certain words or address their response -- a blank message will do fine….all they do is hit the Send button!

…Captures the eMail address of the sender. A copy of the request is sent to your account promptly and automatically – an instant activity report. By asking them to indicate the source where they found the ad, you can track the effectiveness of your ads.

…For those without a Web site, here’s an effective way to provide information about your products and services instantly and effortlessly – the perfect tool to enhance any business.

How do I Set-up my AutoResponder Account?

…This is the easiest part of all. What we do is establish a special POP mail account on our very fast InternetCrusade servers. Using your special Login Name and Password, you can gain access to our PostOffice page on the Web. There you can create your message, make it as long as you want, and change it whenever you want…right there online with point and click ease.

There is a fee, of course, for automatic reply eMail… we feel a modest one for the power this marketing tool offers you. You can set up your account for $149 including the $99 annual hosting fee. There are neither usage fees nor updating fees – use it as often as you want. T

o obtain your AutoResponder account today, send the following information to ..

Name, address and telephone number

..Current eMail address, if any

..Your personal Domain Name, if any

..Desired User Name for AutoResponder Account (e.g., in the address ‘Products’ is the User Name) – there is no limit on the number of characters in the name, nor are they case sensitive... but they are on a first come, first serve basis... once is gone... it's gone ;-)


or Contact us at

7183 Navajo #F, San Diego, CA. 92119

Phone: 619-283-7302 Fax: 619-283-7343

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