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The Crusaders... John Reilly, Saul Klein, Mike Barnett

The InternetCrusade™ is a technology training and consulting company. On this web site you will find descriptions of programs and events created and presented by our InternetCrusaders. All Programs are full multimedia presentations usually presented on multiple screens with "state of the art" technology (computers, projectors, and sound).

Keep in mind that program content and length can be customized to suit your needs.

For more information about presentations please eMail or call 619-283-7302

Upcoming Presentations


"Using the Internet to Increase Your Bottom Line"

Spending more and getting less from the Web? InternetCrusade® will show you the secrets of publishing on the Internet and give you reasons why your prospects should do business with YOU and not your competition. In this program you will learn:

  • The keys to success in the age of the Internet
  • How to differentiate yourself from your competition
  • How to avoid copyright infringement
  • How to assemble "Community Created Content"
  • How to drive more traffic to your web site
  • How to enhance your current Listing Presentation by including your Internet Presence
  • How to maximize your exposure on National Aggregator web sites

"eMail Marketing and Communication"

Let the InternetCrusade® show you how to get maximum benefit out of the most important relationship builder since the handshake…eMail. Learn how to:

  • Create a "Permanent eMail address"
  • Create an eMail Marketing Campaign with software you already own
  • Turn ordinary eMail into marketing pieces
  • Build your eMail address book
  • Use auto responders to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Create filters and unlimited eMail addresses to eliminate the hassle of SPAM

"Web Marketing and Publishing"

Now that you have the hardware and the software, how do you put it to work? Let the Internet Crusaders, Saul Klein and Mike Barnett, show you how to integrate digital cameras, agent productivity software such as Top Producer, presentation software such as PowerPoint, and the Internet to make presentations to owners that will lead to listings...and sales.

"Everything you wanted to ask a Technology Professional but were afraid to ask!"

Spend up to 3 hours with Saul Klein and Mike Barnett in an open forum. From eMail to the World Wide Web…from Modems to Networks…if they don’t have the answers, they will get them for you. Bring your questions. This event could save you tens of thousands of dollars and has been a favorite of associations across the country.

Testimonials from Real Estate Associations

"On behalf of the entire District, I want to thank all of you for a most incredible seminar. The members loved it."
Maureen Levine - Vice President, Miami Beach Association of REALTORS®

"The InternetCrusade events at the New Jersey Association of REALTORS® Convention received such rave reviews that we are asking them back for an encore performance in 1999!"
Walt Baczkowski, EVP New Jersey Association of REALTORS®

Nobody has the energy and information these folks have. They were a smash hit at our local association and a highlight at the Michigan Association Convention this Year.
Judith Lindeneau, EVP Traverse City Association of REALTORS®

After listening to Saul and Mike at NAR a few years ago, I worked to bring them to our local association. They are absolutely the best in the business! I am now making money from my web activities and the InternetCrusade™ is the primary reason.
Gary Vidor, President, Traverse City Association of REALTORS®

Saul and Mike and John have been presenting at NAR for years and I have had the opportunity to work with them on 11 technology events in the last 4 years. The results are always better than we anticipate…and we always anticipate a great program.
John Krukoff, NAR Staff

On behalf of the Canadian Real Estate Association I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you sincerely for the terrific job you did with the sessions at the 2000 National Conference and Trade Show in Toronto.

Your Sessions were very well received. Attendees felt you were extremely knowledgeable and I was pleased that so many found the topic both informative and pertinent. As one participant put it......"great show- great ideas!" A few attendees commented on the pace with one wondering if "you always talked that fast?" but went on to say he picked up some great information.

I am enclosing a copy of the tape of your session for your reference and use. Gentlemen, thank you so much for a job extremely well done! It was truly appreciated by the association and all those in attendance.
Gail A. Mchardy, CMP Meeting Planner

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