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The old adage that "you get what you pay for" still holds true. There may be cheaper places to buy a domain name than through the Internet Crusade, but I don't care. Everyone I've bought has been through IC and they host them as well. Why? Because first and foremost, I believe that you oughta "dance with the girl that brung 'ya", and for me that's IC. They host this FREE forum (and believe me, when you consider the time they invest in it, it ain't free). Second, you'll never find a domain provider and host that understands our industry better, nor one with their integrity.

So, why go anywhere else? Support the guys that support us! Even if you were a cheapskate and bought your domains somewhere else, park them with IC and you won't have the grief and headaches that we hear about several times a month on this list-serve about dishonest or incompetent domain hosts.

David Lauster

Hey you guys are great - I received a very fast response back from your team. In my past life I was an Information Analyst - I know what goes on behind the scene so thanks again!!!!!!!!

Sandra McGhee

Your response time and courtesy is outstanding. A pleasure doing business with such a customer oriented staff. Thank you all for refreshing my belief that there are people who understand the meaning of genuine customer service

Bev Caffarelli

Your company has been an important part of my marketing program and I very much appreciate your work and efforts.

Haran Hunter

I want to express to you how much I appreciate a young man named Tim Fears. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist me with my website. He is patient, kind, intelligent and one of the most helpful "computer experts" I have ever worked with. He exudes professionalism.

Ricci Dewey

At first I was rather intimidated to start the program. First I want to thank Ian Parker InternetCrusade for helping me get started. After I got started and got more involved into the program, it was like reading a "Good Book". I just didn't want to stop.

I have learned so much and I look forward to implementing a Personal Technology Plan of Action and purchasing some of these great technology tools for my business.

Dolores Dollar

I am certainly an IC fan and want to always have a mutually beneficial relationship. Customer service is usually the thing that suffers as a company grows. I also think that customer service philosophy starts from the top and filters down. I believe Mike, Saul and John have created an atmosphere that allows (or demands) excellent service. There is a saying in real estate "they won't care how much you know unless they know how much you care". Also you can charge higher fees if you prove your value to the client.

John F. Anderson

Thanks so much, Gwen. You have been a treat to work with. I.C. did a terrific service for me for the years that I/we needed you. Now that we have grown and have an I.T. person at our disposal, and a new webmaster, we are on our own. I will always recommend I.C. to agents who do not have that capability. And you can use that as a testimonial!!

Kathy Birchen

This is my first contact with all of you. My thanks to the staff of Internet Crusade for their excellent support.

Ana Levy

I have been with Internet Crusade since about 1998. What a blessing. I feel like I have personal advisors there, and I am ready to elevate Rosemary to sainthood. As for service, one Sunday morning at 6:30am I was having a problem with and links to my listing photos. After two weeks of trying to straighten it out with them I sent Internet Crusade a panic email. (Mind you Sunday morning at 6:30 am) At 8:30 am my phone rang, Michael Barnett was on the other end, I explained my problem and within 5 minutes it was fixed. I was shocked to have this level of service at such a reasonable price! I may never be so lucky again but I will never forget it!

Paula A Smith

I always feel the need to back up whatever positive is said about IC. They are great. The service offered is outstanding and the people are extremely helpful. They answer the questions...they take the time...they are prompt....they are courteous and the job is done right. In my opinion they go above and beyond ...whether it be their email service, website template, domain services, creating and managing all of these forums. I do not know what else we could ask for.

Charline Mason

I couldn't agree more with David on his remarks. I moved my hosting & email a long time ago to Internet Crusade, and I am still impressed and continually amazed at the quick responses and the "above the call of duty" service when needed. And that includes weekends and holidays! Saul, Mike, John and all of their staff ROCK!!

Many thanks IC for all you do for all of us!

Ann Cummings

I decided a few days ago to change e-mail providers and went to IC for the service. I am ecstatic! Not only do you get your e-mails as quickly as they're sent, with no delays, but you can also give out any prefix for your branded domain and it will still come to you, without taking the time to actually create any additional e-mail records.

Judy Szablak

I recently moved over to IC for email hosting after having my email blocked both at Corecomm & at Comcast (had nothing to do with me at all...but with something having to do with servers). At any rate...yes, the emails come through quickly & the unlimited email aliasing is terrific. Just think, you take a listing at 123 Main Street, and on all your marketing for that piece, include your email address as and set your email filter to send all email to that address to a particular folder....voila! How nice is that!!!! Or use it for any personal marketing & specialty marketing you do, changing the email address to reflect that marketing.

Judi Bryan

Wow! I am so impressed. Thank you for your promptness and your courtesy. I love working with people who understand what customer service means!

Kathryn West

I say you guys really know how to take care of customers; every experience that I have had so far with anyone associated with ePRO and InternetCrusade has been unbelievable. I pinch myself just to make sure your company operates on this planet, hahaha! Thanks, it's nice to know that there are people out there that really do care and makes a difference everyday.

Kenny Bright

As you know we go back a ways starting with the seminar when I took you guys to the airport in Sacramento. During these times I have had frequent contact with IC people. I don't know how you guys locate and keep such great folks but you need a pat on the back. (Rosemary Pascasio or is it Coleman? - cannot keep up with that woman, Glenn Cannon who really helped me through e-Pro and "Andrea" who helped when Glenn was on a trip).

If I had to boil it down to one thing that impresses the most it would be ATTITUDE. It is always positive and cheerful. I personally believe ATTITUDE solves a host of challenges and avoids a bunch of problems. A person with a positive ATTITUDE just seems sharper, friendlier and more knowledgeable. And he/she just melts the caller with a "problem". (Rosemary; "Now John, just be patient and bear with me, we are going to solve this thing!").

Forget expertise, patience, and understanding, your people have that in spades, but ATTITUDE is the embryo.

And I happen to believe that ATTITUDE is set and nurtured by example. It starts at the top.


John F. DuPriest

I was sufficiently impressed to move my domain, email, and web hosting to IC. The folks I have listed in the CC field have been VERY responsive and helpful, making the transition relatively pain free. Too often we don't say thanks for work well done. I wanted to thank you and the folks above for all the hard work they've done on my behalf.

Dave Koerner

Thanks so much for your help! I have forwarded your message to our Web Site Coordinator, who will be contacting you shortly about switching to Internet Crusade. We have always been delighted with your company's service and attitude, which we can't say about any of your counterparts! Thanks again!

Anne Rendle

Thank you so much for your assistance in getting me up and running today in a matter of hours. I am very impressed! From the moment I spoke with you, I was confident that you and the rest of the IC team were going to be able to accommodate my tight schedule. Your pleasant attitude and commitment to customer service is why I will continue to use IC's products and services without hesitation. Don't forget to send me information about the product you are launching next week.

Please pass this along to the Executive Management team at IC. I want to make sure they see what a great job you and your colleagues are doing!

Brian D. Muench

I received a call today from Andrea today to help me figure out a problem with 2 names I had registered. She told me, although Internet Crusade registered a third name, the names in question were registered by GoDaddy. I was so impressed that she took the time to call that I asked for her supervisors name to compliment her to you. Thank you for taking such good care of your customers.

Jon E. Posner

I want to join the list of satisfied customers with Internet Crusade. They now host my Web site and e-mail services (since August last year) and have been extremely happy with them. I too learned of them through the e-PRO course and decided to make a switch from I have much more traffic to my site.

Marlene Hoffman

It is now 3 plus years that the IC have hosted my accounts. In fact, just last month I did a complete overhaul of both my sites. I worked very closely with Steve Nogradi throughout the project. I contributed heavily in both the creating of pages as well as in the concept of the new design. It was a pleasure working someone who would both agree with some of my thoughts and disagree, with reasons, when he felt it appropriate.

What is important is that you will also be kept up to date with the best servers a hosting company can provide and at the same be at the forefront of new appropriate real estate info as it pertains to the Internet.

Never once did I have to wait to have a question answered or have any problem which developed that didn't get solved as soon as possible.

I would enjoy speaking with you further if you have questions for me. Again, excuse the delay in responding more promptly!

David Fialk

I just wanted to relay to Kristi that the Yakima Association of Realtors (small board with 300 members), had Internet Crusade give us our web site for FREE. It is at our domain name that NAR paid for us ( and is wonderful for a small association without many resources. Darryl has been wonderful to work with to explain how to save a web page for the web site and make even a dummy like me get it done!

We have since paid for two shorter domain names and have Internet Crusade point web traffic to the larger name so people can get to it thru and as well. The web site itself is very easy to change and again, Darryl is always very helpful and easy to get to. (He even calls you back!)

I can't say enough good about Internet Crusade, as we had several members that paid thousands of dollars for their web sites and continued to pay that to keep them up. Depending on what you want, don't be afraid to call Darryl even for information. (This is not a paid advertisement :))

Jeannette A. Witham

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.... 1 2 3 4 5. I hope no one here ever passes up an opportunity to have a website hosted by Internet Crusade. I had forgotten what customer service was when it came to the Internet. As I have had occasion to build a website or 2 or 30, I have run the gamut of hosts. Let me tell you (those who haven't worked with these people), you are in for a real treat when you do. You can call them and they actually answer the phone (politely and professionally). E-mail responses are akin to an Internet chat on ICQ or AOL Messenger. When I asked if I could ask a stupid question, they replied "Better than anyone we know". (J/K) :-) These poeple are pro's. Thank you Keith and that sweet voice that answers the phone.

Rick Rickard

Thank you so much for your help the last few days. You have been outstanding and I truly appreciate what you and your staff is doing in the customer service center at internet crusade. You have been extremely patient with my impatience and I am grateful. :-)

Kudos to you and internet crusade.

Byron Youngblood

I started using IC a few months ago to forward my email. A small thing I know but they have been great. I recommended them to our company and sales associates however our company is sold on some *&%#$%^ company out of the north end of the state. The exceptional level of service was immediately apparent when I had a tiny problem and within minutes I had a personal (not auto responder) email sent to me a phone call solving the issue. Wow was I impressed! (particularly so when I recalled a problem with the company we use and they way the person hung up on me as she was having a bad day and couldn't handle the call then).

Shirley Porter

In light of our current conversation on IM'ing I decided I wanted it on my web site too. Well I emailed Gwen Music @ InternetCrusade which is my web host and my template site. And I am happy to report that she had it done for me with in maybe 2 hours. As people ask about places for sites and hosting I can not praise the high customer service level of our guys!!!!!!

Stephanie Jones

I wanted to e-mail you and tell you how please I am with the web site , your company set up. I have e-mailed your customer service about one small issue on putting a pointer on our old web site . I am sure they will take care of the problem.

I found, that with the video, I was able to make most changes I wanted to the page and set it up as I want it to be. The flexibility of change and use of the administrative tools, is awesome. I have already referred you to a Real Estate Company in N.C. , where my brother works, and they will likely be contacting you about a new web page. My brother Earl Nicholie, is also looking at setting up a web page for himself using your product.

Harry J. Nicholie

Once again you have gone to great lengths to identify, educate and facilitate a solution to a problem. I honor your personal commitment to your customers and will always be an advocate of yours and Internet Crusade.

Gary Peruzzini

I can not begin to tell you how grateful I am for your supreme efforts on my behalf today. The really neat thing is I actually am beginning to understand and that is great. I owe you and Saul big time and I will always endeavor to help you in your quest to be The True "Internet Crusader's. And I will be sure to let everyone know just how impressed I am. Thanks Again, You are all Superstars , each in your own right.

William Johnson

It's rare today to find a person or company willing to go the extra mile to bring about "customer satisfaction" but I have to take the time to tell you Darryl Crone did JUST THAT for one of our members.

One of our REALTOR®/Brokers was getting literally hundreds of copies of the same MemberTalk message we sent out January 11 every day. I removed him from the List Serve but he continued to receive multiple copies of the same message.

I reported it to the MLS and they couldn't find any reason for it on their end. I reported it to Darryl, and he took the time and effort to follow-up with our member and found out exactly what the problem was!

I want to THANK YOU for the Internet Crusade's dedication to getting the job done, and getting it done. I just recently registered my own domain name ( soon!) through the WCAR site for I.C. domains, and I plan on getting my web space from you in the next few weeks! I'm looking forward to continuing this working relationship for years to come!

Thanks again, and special KUDOS to Darryl for a JOB WELL DONE!

Bev Collins

I wish doctors, dentist and lawyers responded like you do. Boy, what service.

As I was getting your auto response to my email message, you called. I thought the email process was fast but you are faster.

Your staff responded to everything you directed and that I desired. Within 12 hours, they have completed everything necessary to process a transfer a web site and some 12 email addresses. We were in big trouble and you bailed us out. Many, many thanks to Internet Crusade, the best in the industry.

Our Association looks forward to having you and Saul at our annual convention in September. By the way, I hope you can add a crawl advertisement to our member's home page on our site. Pass that on. There is no divorce in our future with Internet Crusade.

Andy Schaus

Thank you for the answers to recent questions. Your responses have been amazingly fast and made me feel there was someone right at the other end, waiting to be called. "Over and above" is the phrase for the good service.

Laura Halpen

I wanted to take a moment to express what a great operation Saul and his crew have put together. I had occasion the other day to contact them to make some changes and found that my request was handled with incredible speed and with the greatest of convenience to me. Looking back at past interactions with the company, it seems that is simply "business as usual" for them. If only all companies, including/especially real estate firms could be as service-oriented and efficient, what a wonderful world this would be! Keep up the good work, folks!

Bob Dohn

Just wanted you to know that one of the agents I sent to for domain name registration was absolutely thrilled with the service he received.

He registered two domain names and was inquiring about e-mail forwarding via one of them. The person he chatted with was professional, accurate, and even gave his extension for the agent to use for any other questions in the future.

Thanks for doing a great job. Always nice to know I'm sending them to a terrific group of people ... makes me look good too!

Mike Merin

We recently changed hosting of our WEB page to Internet Crusade from Network Solutions. Internet Crusade did a wonderful job of assisting me in transferring our domain name and hosting our WEB page. Your company is very knowledgeable, returned calls in a very timely fashion and offered suggestions that definitely improved the appearance and effectiveness of our WEB page. Your staff is a staff to be proud of.

I'm sure we will enjoy many years of your competent service

Chris Ominski

Well, over the last 3 weeks, I've spent more than 10 hours on the phone with different people at Network Solutions trying to get an email address on the contact record for one of my domains changed. I've also invested hours in completing forms and trying to figure out what all their different emails mean. I've dealt with numerous people, completed many more forms and faxed even more forms in - all have been rejected for one reason or another. Today, after 3 hours on the phone, I finally got to a supervisor who agree that I have the right to change the email address - at a cost of $199 + having my request notarized at my expense! I went ballistic, and finally got them to send me yet another form to send back to them by fax, asking them to delete my other contact records, put all under one, and IF their system accepts it, the change will take 2 days to 6 weeks!

So, the moral is, if you have any domains with Network Solutions, GET THEM AWAY FROM THERE!! I'm having these problems because I want to move this domain to the Crusade (NS doesn't know that, or they would charge $199 for the domain transfer). Man, that outfit is pathetic!!

I have 19 or so domains with the Crusade, and never have I had 2 minutes of problems.

Chris Newell

Every single time I have ever asked for anything ... The response it FAST ... Unbelievably FAST and the fact that you can talk to a real person is majorly comforting. Service like this is a rare commodity today ... IC to be applauded loudly!

Allyson Hoffman

For me it's one word--InternetCrusade, they have have been GREAT for my email forwarding, POP and domain etc. I am also going to them for a community board. When ever I have a question they are on it! I would highly recommend them!

Steven Salfer

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