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Setting Up Your Netscape Messenger Client

To set up your account in the Netscape Messenger portion of Netscape Communicator, first select the Messenger component from the Communicator menu, or press 2 from the keyboard.

This will open Messenger. Now, select “Preferences” from the “Edit” menu.


In the Preferences window, select Mail & Newsgroups from the folder list in the left column. Next, tell the system what Name and eMail address you will use for this account, as shown below. Optionally, you may add your organization or company name.


Next, you need to tell the system where to get and send your messages. Select the “Mail Servers “ from the left column, then click the “Add” control button. This opens the Mail Server Properties window.

In the appropriate fields, type your Server Name (from your ISP), select your server type (usually POP, but check with the ISP) and type in your username (as specified by your ISP). You can tell the system to remember your password, but this is very risky if anyone else ever has access to your computer.


Click “OK” to save the changes and establish your account.


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