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Setting Up your Outlook Mail Accounts

To set up your eMail accounts in Outlook, first select the Accounts option from the Tools menu.


This will open the Internet Accounts window, where you select the “Mail” tab. Next, click the “Add” control button once, then select “Mail from the choices, as shown below.


This will activate the Internet Accounts Wizard – a step-by-step approach to account setup. First, type in the name that you want to appear in your eMail headers (usually your name), then click “Next”


In the next window, type in the eMail address that you were given by your ISP for this particular account. This must be in the format.


Click “Next” to open the Server information window.

In this window, enter the type of server it will be (usually POP), the name of the incoming and the outgoing mail servers (get this information from your mail service provider or your ISP). Often, this will take the form of “” but not always. Make sure to enter it exactly as the ISP instructs.


Now, click “Next” to add your logon information. Type in the username and the password for the account. You can elect to have Outlook remember the password, but this is risky if your computer is ever available to others while you are away.


Now, you must tell Outlook how you want to connect to the Internet to access the eMail accounts.


When you have completed this step and selected the “Next” control button, your account will be established within the Outlook software. You will be ready to start using it.


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