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Setting Up Your Outlook® Express Mail Client

To set up your Outlook® Express eMail client, first establish your account(s) by opening the Tools menu and selecting “Accounts.”


This action will open the Internet Accounts Wizard. Start by selection the “Mail” tab then click on the “Add” control button to establish a new account.


This will pop an option selector, where you will select “Mail”


Now, tell the system what name you want to have appear in the “From” field of your eMail messages. This will usually be your name.


Now, click the “Next” control to open the eMail Address window. In this field, you enter the eMail address that your ISP gave you when you opened the account. This will take the format.

Be sure that you have selected the “I already have an eMail address” option.


Click the “Next” control to open the Server Names window.

Now, you must tell the system the type of eMail server that handles your incoming messages. Your ISP probably gave you this information, but it will usually be POP3.

Next, you tell the system the Internet Name of the incoming (POP in this case) server. Often this takes the format of “” but check with your ISP if you are not sure.

Finally, tell the system the name of the outgoing (SMTP) mail server. This will usually be the same as the incoming server, but not always. Check if you are not sure.


Click on the “Next” control to open the logon settings.

Here, you tell the system the Username (from your ISP’s instructions) and your password. NOTE: If you select the “remember my password” option, anyone who has access to your computer can potentially have access to your eMail account.


When you are ready, click the “Next” control to finish setting your accounts.


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